4 important steps to choosing dental insurance

A team that doesthat the customer experience I’ll tell you in ¬†there’s a good opportunity for you to stick out and you can stick out by doing the best for your customers through .

A customer experience and so I will say that there are a few teams that do it really well that I’ve seen and I’ve you know worked with will say now well over ¬†practices and.

I would say the best teams you know I was I would saying it starts with starts with the dentists laying the foundation so the foundation is everything and if you don’t have.

The foundation for your practice it’s difficult to provide good customer service because you’re still focusing on internal issues and so the first thing is foundation the second thing is is when what I would encourage you ought to do is break down all of.

The different touch points for your patients so for what is a touch point a touch point would be going to a patient visiting you finding on the website on the internet and so.

what’s your website look like what is that experience like then from there what is your phone calls like do you have somebody to just grouchy answering .

the phone that shouldn’t be it up there you know maybe you should think about replacing them for the first two hours in the morning with your bubbly assistant and .

that’s honest really what you should do what about after the phone call what about when they come into your practice what’s it look like what’s it smell like is the person on the phone and not even acknowledging the new patient.

who’s walked to the door ready to start their patient experience you know are you giving them anything is the coffee in the waiting room or is the coffee in .

the back with you these are extremely important and then the patient experience all the way through you know the clinical experience then the follow-up and then you know the read the reek air and how do you communicate