Dental Help with health insurance

Dental Help can receive medical treatment with health insurance only by paying 30% of medical expenses (20% until compulsory education enrollment) by yourself. 

However, when you use the methods and materials accepted by insurance, you can receive treatment with a health insurance card, for example, if you want a method that is not approved by insurance such as orthodontic treatment to cure dentition, 14 carats If you use a material that is not approved by the overdraft etc. insurance, it will be your own expense medical care.

In addition, for the dentures, etc., on metal floors, you may be required to pay only the difference between the cost of medical treatment and the cost of medical treatment.

In any case, ask your dentist well before you go into treatment to avoid any trouble later. If you want a treatment that can be all done with insurance, please say “Please do it with ameritas dental insurance”.

There are three courses of dental treatment:

When receiving treatment, make sure you understand the structure of your practice and consult with your dentist before you begin treatment.

  • Health insurance coverage When
    materials approved by the health insurance are treated with the technology approved by the health insurance, all treatments can be received at some cost. (30% for self-paid, 20% for compulsory education before entering school)

  • You can use materials other than those approved by health insurance on the floor part of the difference self-paying front teeth and complete dentures. In that case, you will be responsible for the difference between the health insurance and the material.

  • If you use materials other than those approved by health insurance other than the free front teeth and the denture floor, all material costs and technical fees will be paid by you.

※ Please see ” Medical Care for Elderly Persons ” for the benefit of the 70-74-year-old insured and dependents