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I have humana dental been in the industry for overĀ  years so along the way I have been able to pick up tools that can prove to be very useful and if not somewhat deadly and so this is really .

humana dental
humana dental

This episode is to cover that a bit and that’s the purpose and the focus of this episode is I want to arm you with some extra tools that you can use to help you in .

This situation now one of the most important things about taking on any client to do an insurance repair project is that you and that customer must be on.

The same page the whole way I think that’s really important like when you sign up a new customer it’s sort of like a marriage in the sense that it’s gonna last for.

A little while now if it’s just a roof and you’re coming in and knocking out a roof and one or two days and you’re in and out and you know you’re dealing.

With that claim process it probably won’t take very long to get that customer out of your life or more appropriately for them to get you out of their life right but my point is it’s a commitment it really is a long-term obligation to sign.

A new customer now I talk about this alot regarding pre-qualifying your customer and who is eligible to actually do business with you and not are you eligible to do business .

With them Think that you should screen your customers and make sure that they qualify to do business with you before you decide to take them on and also is.

This customer gonna make you unhappy like are they gonna be a thorn in your side are they gonna be