usa want insurance like humana dental insurance

Towards Humana Dental maintenance and , goes towards vacancies and , goes towards Humana Dental repairs and then , is earmarked for major capital expenses or capex sure that’s fine but the reality of the situation is if you have .

Humana Dental

A prolonged vacancy that exceeds the money that you’ve earmarked for vacancies you’re going to be raiding the rest of the emergency fund in order to deal.

With it you’re going to be raiding the money that you’ve earmarked for repairs maintenance cap in order to deal with that vacancy or likewise if you end up .

With some major capital expenditure let’s say that you need to replace the roof and we’ll assume it’s a large duplex lots of square footage and it’s a complicated roof line

with a lot of peaks and protrusions couple of chimneys and so let’s say that the cost of replacing this roof is twelve thousand rather than ten thousand

well if that’s the case then despite the fact that you only have ten thousand dollars earmarked for capex you’re still gonna be rating some of those other buckets maybe some of the money that you’ve earmarked for maintenance or for repairs in order to pay for

That capex so that’s what I mean when I say it’s all a mental construct because at the end of the day when you start spending the money that is within your emergency fund you’re gonna spend it based on actual needs in

The moment rather than on a theoretical mental framework that you decided looked good on paper and so if you do decide that it is a helpful mental construct to put .

This money into sub buckets that’s cool but just realize that fury is not reality and the way that you will ultimately end up spending that money is gonna be very different from the